US Consumer Graph

Our US consumer graph database is a comprehensive data enrichment solution that can help you fill the gaps in your customer data and gain a better knowledge of your consumers. We cover over 300 million profiles with over 100 variables based on location, demographics, lifestyle, hobbies, and behaviors.

What is Consumer Graph?

Our consumer data is gathered and aggregated via surveys, digital services, and public data sources. We use powerful profiling algorithms to collect and ingest only fresh and reliable data points.
Our comprehensive data enrichment solution includes a variety of data sets that can help you in addressing gaps in your customer data, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and power superior client experiences.

CategoryData Attributes
GeographyCity, State, ZIP, County, CBSA, Census Tract, etc.
DemographicsGender, Age Group, Marital Status, Language etc.
FinancialIncome Range, Credit Rating Range, Credit Type, Net worth Range, etc
PersonaConsumer type, Communication preferences, Family type, etc
InterestsContent, Brands, Shopping, Hobbies, Lifestyle etc.
HouseholdNumber of Children, Number of Adults, IP Address, etc.
BehaviorsBrand Affinity, App Usage, Web Browsing etc.
FirmographicsIndustry, Company, Occupation, Revenue, etc
Retail PurchaseStore, Category, Brand, SKU, Quantity, Price etc.
AutoCar Make, Model, Type, Year, etc.
HousingHome type, Home value, Renter/Owner, Year Built etc

Data Export Methodology

Since we collect data dynamically, we provide the most updated data and insights via a best-suited method on a suitable interval (daily/weekly/monthly).

Use Cases

360-Degree Customer View

Get a comprehensive image of customers by the means of internal and external data aggregation

Data Enrichment

Leverage Online to offline consumer profiles to build holistic audience segments to improve campaign targeting using user data enrichment

Fraud Detection

Use multiple digital (web and mobile) identities to verify real users and detect anomalies or fraudulent activity.

Advertising & Marketing

Understand audience demographics, interests, lifestyle, hobbies, and behaviors to build targeted marketing campaigns.


Download detailed Schema here - Consumer Data Schema

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