High Fidelity Mobility

We provide high precision human mobility data collected from location aware partner mobile apps from outside US locations, which includes attributes such as vertical accuracy and altitude to provide accurate measurement.

What is High Fidelity Data?

The high Fidelity Data feed is aggregated from multiple data sources and is delivered as a daily feed to a location of your choice. All data collected in anonymized and explicitly opted-in data where clear consent and terms of usage are dictated.

High Fidelity Mobility Data Reach

Our reach data represents the total number of data counts available within various categories and comprises attributes such as user demographics, anonymous id, device details, location, affluence, interests, traveled countries, and so on.

Record Count: 200 Billion +
Capturing Frequency: Once per Event
Delivering Frequency: Once per Day
Updated: Daily

Data Export Methodology

Since we collect data dynamically, we provide the most updated data and insights via a best-suited method on a suitable interval (daily/weekly/monthly).

Use Cases

Consumer Insights

Gain a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of the customer to spot behavioral changes, analyze trends and predict business outcomes


Create campaigns and customize your messaging depending on your target audience's online and offline activity.

Retail Analytics

Analyze footfall trends in various locations and gain understanding of customer personas.


Attribute NameAttribute DescriptionSample
timestampTimestamp of the event (seconds) in UTC2022-07-09 22:34:07 UTC
advertising IDAnonymous ID of the device. Unique ID persistent for a device.a264e175d4b1731a6969dee6f9e692e7
advertising ID typeOperating system advertising ID typeAAID
latitudeThe WGS84 latitude of the device-30.0882573
longitudeThe WGS84 longitude of the device-51.1230844
horizontal_accuracyAccuracy of horizontal GPS coordinates (in meters)3.9
countryPing or event origin countryBR
altitudeThe altitude of the device (in meters)91
vertical_accuracyAccuracy of vertical GPS coordinates (in meters)34
speedThe speed of the device (km/hr)0.5565997

Reach Statistics