People Data

Our people graph data can help companies enrich their existing database or identify new customer profiles who have similar interests as their current customers.

What is People Data?

People data is our proprietary mobile user dataset that links anonymous IDs to multiple attributes related to demographics, device ownership, audience segments, key locations and more. This enables our partner brands to get a holistic view of a consumer based on their persona and be able to instantly gain actionable insights.

People Data Graph

Record Count: 900 Million
Capturing Frequency: Once per Event
Delivering Frequency: Once per Month
Updated: Monthly

People Data Reach

Our data reach represents the total number of counts available within various categories and comprises attributes such as user demographics, MAID, device details, location, affluence, interests, traveled countries, and so on.

Data Export Methodology

Since we collect data dynamically, we provide the most updated data and insights via a best-suited method on a suitable interval (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly).

Business Needs

Consumer Insights

Gain a complete 360-degree view of the customer to detect behavioral changes, assess patterns, and forecast business effects.

Data Enrichment

Leverage O2O consumer profiles to build holistic audience segments to improve campaign targeting using user data enrichment.

Sales Forecasting

Analyze consumer behavior to predict sales and monitor performance of investments

Retail Analytics

Analyze footfall trends in various locations and gain understanding of customer personas.


Attribute NameAttribute DescriptionSample
Anonymous idAnonymous ID of the device. Unique ID persistent for a device.a264e175d4b1731a6969dee6f9e692e7
id_typeGAID: Android devices / IDFA: Apple devicesGAID
gendermale/female.Inferred demography based on real world behaviorMale
ageAge declared by the user.1977
carrierComma separated array of device Telco Carriers. At most 2 per deviceooredoo, bharti airtel
makeDevice Manufacturer Brand NameSamsung
modelDevice model number assigned by the device manufacturersm-n950f
osDevice Os NameAndroid
os_versionOS Version7.1.1
home_countryISO3 Country Code for the country where the device is seen most of the time.IND
home_geohashHome location resolved to a granularity of geohash7. Dimension - 152.9m x 152.4mw21zgyj
work_geohashWork location resolved to a granularity of geohash7. Dimension - 152.9m x 152.4mw21zghy
device_pricePrice of the device in USD1159
device_ageBased on the launch date of devices. Calculated in years.2
affluenceAffluence level based on home location & device price. Values: High, Medium, LowHigh
brands_visitedArray of brand segment names, based on the real world movement of devicesZara Visitors, The French Loaf Visitors
place_categoriesArray of place Category segments based on Factori’s place category taxonomyPetrol Station Visitors, Restaurant Visitors
geo_behaviourArray of Geo Behavioural Personas as per Factori’s real world persona taxonomyParents, Automobile Owners, In-market Property Buyers
interestsArray of interest based segments, based on iab’s classification of online content (iab taxonomy)Technology & Computing, Arts & Entertainment, Music and Audio
travelled_countriesArray of countries visited by the user in the past 3 months. Values in ISO3 code of countriesTHA, QAT, SAU

Reach Statistics