Cross Device / CTV Graph

Our cross-device graph identifies customers across the range of internet-connected devices that they use through their encrypted MAIDs and IP addresses. This aggregated data feed is delivered as a daily feed via S2S transfer.

What is Cross Device or CTV Graph?

Furthermore, we build CTV graphs by identifying household users across devices and analyzing their data characteristics to determine their intent and interests, allowing advertisers to target viewers on a Connected TV

Cross Device Data Reach

Our reach data represents the total number of data counts available within various categories and comprises attributes such as anonymous id, IP addresses, and so on.

Record Count: 3 Billion
Capturing Frequency: Once per Event
Delivering Frequency: Once per day
Updated: Daily
Historic: Past One year

Data Export Methodology

Since we collect data dynamically, we provide the most updated data and insights via a best-suited method on a suitable interval (daily/weekly/monthly).

Use Cases

Consumer Analytics

Determining household-level reach reports and aggregated analysis of household device identities.

Cross Device Analysis

Cross-device attribution of household consumers and retargeting to gain higher traction.

Sales Forecasting

Analyze consumer behavior to predict sales and monitor performance of investments


Using cross-device graphs to ensure that customers do not receive the same messages
and ads on too many platforms as that can bother or alienate them.


Below mentioned Schema represents the type of data attributes available within the Cross Device/CTV Data Graph

Attribute NameAttribute DescriptionSample
Anonymous_idAnonymous ID of the device. Unique ID persistent for a device.a264e175d4b1731a6969dee6f9e692e7
id_typeOperating system advertising ID type [0 = IDFA , 1 = GAID]1
timestampTimestamp of the event epoch (seconds)1601378119
ipv4IP address v4119.47.183.113
ipv6IP address v6FE80::F8B4:1AFF:FEA4:DE07
useragentUser agent of the deviceMozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 12; Pixel 6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/93.0.4577.62 Mobile Safari/537.36
countryHome country of deviceJPN

Reach Statistics