Integrating Klaviyo with Factori platform for data enrichment

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo, Inc. is a global technology company that provides a marketing automation platform, used primarily for email marketing and SMS marketing.

Steps to integrate Klaviyo with Factori

Generate a private key

Klaviyo uses private API keys to authenticate API requests. You can obtain and make changes to your API keys from your account's Settings page under the API Keys tab. To manage API keys, you must have an Owner, Admin, or Manager role on the account.

Private keys will have the prefix pk_ followed by a longer alphanumeric string. Klaviyo allows you to generate multiple private keys for your applications.

Your private API keys can be used to read and write data to your Klaviyo account.


API Key scopes allow you to restrict access for third parties using a private API key. Adding a scope helps you protect your and your customers’ data by limiting what third parties can access.

You can add any of the following scopes to any new private API key in Klaviyo:

1. Read-only
Only allows third parties to view all data associated with the endpoint
2. Full
Allows third parties to create, delete, or make changes to anything associated with that endpoint
3. Custom
Allows you to decide how much access to give the third party
Note that you cannot add a scope to an existing private key, which have full access by default. You also cannot edit a private API key after it’s been created. If you need to remove access to a key based on its current scope, delete it and then create a new key with the correct scope.

Authenticate a private key

Private key authentication for /api endpoints is performed by setting the following request header:

Authorization: Klaviyo-API-Key {your-private-api-key}
curl --request GET \
     --url https://a.klaviyo.com/api/{endpoint}/ \
     --header 'Authorization: Klaviyo-API-Key {your-private-api-key}' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'revision: {revision-header}'

Integrating your Klaviyo with Factori

  • Click on add integration on the Factori platform
  • Under the CRM section you will be able to view a tile for Klaviyo, click on it.
  • Enter a name for your data source
  • Paste the API that was copied from Klaviyo
  • Select the frequency with which you would like your Klaviyo data to be enriched
    • Monthly - Your Klaviyo data will be enriched on the 1st of each month
    • Quarterly - Your Klaviyo data will be enriched on the 1st of each quarter
    • Custom - You can specify the date on which the Klaviyo data needs to be enriched. Once you select the data the Enrichment will take place NOW and once on the date selected
  • Click on next to save the configuration

You will be able to view all your newly created integration in the my integrations page.